A full programme of the conference is available to download here: Body Projects Conference Programme

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Body Modification and the Female Body

9th March 2013 9.30-19.00

Berrick Saul Building

University of York

Conference Programme 

9.30-10.10 Registration and Coffee, Berrick Saul Building Foyer

10.10-10.15 Welcome and Announcements

10.15-11.35 First Panels

1A. Under the Knife: Cosmetic Surgery in Contemporary Culture, Bowland Auditorium

Chair: Lotika Singha

Dr Jo Gilmartin, University of Leeds, ‘Changing Body Image: The Experiences of Women Following Massive Weight Loss and Reconstructive Surgery’

Eva De Clercq, University of Pisa, ‘Anaesthetizing Speaking Bodies’

1B. Let’s Get Physical: Altering the Body through Exercise, BS 008

Chair: Patrycja Sosnowska-Buxton

Jasmijn Rana, Freie Universität Berlin, ‘Pretending to Train Hard – A Case Study of Kickboxing Muslim Girls’

Dr Gemma Commane, Independent Scholar, ‘Brawn this Way: Readdressing Jodie Marsh and her Body through Tattoos, Taboo and Bodybuilding’

11.35-11.50 Tea and Coffee, Berrick Saul Building Foyer

11.50 – 13.10 Second Panels

2A. Performance and Regulation of the Body, Bowland Auditorium

Chair: Nicole Zarafonetis

Peter Gavigan, University of Huddersfield, ‘Masculinity, Femininity and Performing Gender in the (Sub) Culture of Bodybuilding’

Raluca Enescu, London School of Economics, University of London, ‘Regulatory Practices and Non-Normative Bodies’

Irisel Collazo-Nazario, London School of Economics, University of London, ‘The Judicial Construction of Gendered Bodies’

2B. Body in Art, Body as Art, BS 008

Chair: Nicola Stott

Amy Tobin, University of York, ‘Body Contract: Performance and Labour in Vanessa Beecroft’s VB Series’

Yanbing Er, University of Edinburgh, ‘In Search of Self: A Body Language of Ambivalence in Charlotte Roche’s Wetlands’

13.10-14.00 Lunch, Berrick Saul Building Treehouse

14.00-15.20 Third Panels

3A. Because You’re Worth It? Agency in Body Modification, Bowland Auditorium

Chair: Abigail Tazzyman

Ana Sofia Elias, King’s College London, ‘Young Women and Body Modification in Postfeminist and Neoliberal Times: A Threefold Entrepreneurship?’

Tanita Maxwell and Sarah Peat, University of Aberdeen, ‘Subverting the Male Gaze: A Feminist Analysis of the Body Modification Discourses and Representations on’

Evgeniya Golman, National Research University, Higher School of Economics, Moscow, ‘Giving Women a Voice in Interpreting Dilemmas of Structure/Agency and Object/Subject Concerning Body Maintenance and Modification’

3B. Surface Area: Marking the Skin, BS 008

Chair: Bridget Lockyer

Abigail McNiven, University of Durham, ‘Body Modification and Pregnancy Loss: Topographies, Interiors, Contours and Flows’

Gabriela Leddy, University of York, ‘Branded: The Witch Mark in Early Modern England’

Rebecca Harris, University of Plymouth, ‘Skin Deep: The Skin as Repository’

15.20 Tea and Coffee, Berrick Saul Building Foyer

15.35-16.55 Fourth Panels

4A. Weighty Issues? Bowland Auditorium

 Chair: Ellie Terry

Dr Beth Bell, Northumbria University, ‘The Thin “but not that thin” Body Ideal: A Qualitative Glimpse into Adolescent Girls’ Personal Body and Beauty Ideals’

Sophie Smailes, Manchester Metropolitan University, ‘Going Against the Grain – Stories of Rejection and Modification’

Piotr Maroń, Lancaster/Wrocław University, ‘How is “the Anorexic Body” Performed in Medical Discourse?’

4B. Dress Code: Clothing and Fashion as Body Modification, BS 008

Chair: Cait Rogan

Merve Kutuk, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, ‘Passing for Life: Meaning and Management of the Dressed Body in Veiled Women’s Life Narratives in Turkey’

Rachel Wood, University of Sussex, ‘“You sit differently, you do act differently when you’re in it”: Women’s Experiences of Buying and Wearing Lingerie’

Dr Debra Ferreday, Lancaster University, ‘Fashioning Nonhuman Embodiment: Violence, Spectatorship and Self-making in Alexander McQueen’s Plato’s Atlantis

16.55 Comfort Break

17.00-17.55 Keynote

Keynote, Bowland Auditorium

Chair: Gabriele Griffin

Professor Ruth Holliday, University of Leeds, ‘The PIP Scandal: “Fake” Breasts and the Politics of Corporeal Value’

17.5518.00 Thanks and Closing Remarks.

18.00-19.00 Wine Reception


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